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Surfers Paradise

Suite 11 / Surfers Paradise Transit Centre
8 Beach Rd
Surfers Paradise, 4217

07 5570 1200
07 5570 1300
07 5527 6306

1800 671 361
0800 540 960

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Please PERUSE the following carefully with respect to the basic Rental Guidelines of Surfers Paradise Car Hire.


Subject to the terms and conditions of the Rental Agreement, Damage Liabilities apply to all rentals and includes the following hereunder:


There is an automatic Damage Liability of between $ 3,000 and $ 2,200.00 for Drivers Aged 25 to 69 Years of Age. Optional Liability Reduction Premium (LRP) is available to reduce multi-vehicle Damage Liability to a nominal $ 385.00. As is the Policy of all Rental Companies, the Liability chosen by the Hirer at the commencement of the Car Hire will be held until such time as safe return of the vehicle and/or until such time until the Owner and the Company are indemnified in full.


Surfers Paradise Car Hire does not offer any so-called optional “PREMIUM REDUCTION PACKAGE” as a supplement to the standard LRP at any additional cost to reduce hirers’ liability. We have been informed that this facility does not exist with Insurance Companies and it is up to Hirers to check this fact out.

Items not covered under Liability are and include:

1.       Windscreens

2.       Headlights

3.       Tyres

4.       Single Vehicle Accidents

5.       Hail Damage

6.       Acts of God

These items are not covered under our standard LRP Package or under most Travel Insurance Policies. In all instances full liability applies to the hirer as we do not deal with nor enter into any claim through your Travel Insurance Policy.


A holding deposit (Bond) equal to the Hirers Standard liability is pre-authorised on the nominated Credit Card on arrival. This is cancelled on return subject to a final and satisfactory inspection of the rental vehicle.

Cash and EFTPOS Bonds are NOT ACCEPTABLE under any circumstances.

CREDIT CARD HOLDERS MUST BE PRESENT ON COLLECTION OF THE VEHICLE, unless prior arrangements have been made, and MUST sign and be included on the Rental Agreement or any relevant DOCUMENT THAT WILL FORM PART OF THE RENTAL AGREEMENT.


All OUR rates are in Australian Dollars (AU $). The Full Rental Payment is made on collection of the vehicle. We ONLY accept Visa, MasterCard, Bank Card, Cash and EFTPOS. No Travellers Cheques are accepted at our Office. WE DO NOT ACCEPT EITHER AMEX or DINERS CLUB CARDS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

All our Rates Quoted are OFF PEAK and include Standard Damage Liability, Free Kilometres Allowance as stipulated on the Rental Agreement to a maximum of 150 Km Free Per Day unless otherwise indicated, and 24 Hour Roadside Assistance. Rates do not include Fuel or After Hours Service. All Pick Up and Drop Off Services are conditional to Staff Availability and within the Local Area ONLY.


GOLD COAST AREA OF USE Rental Vehicles ARE to be driven within THE Boundaries of Tweed Heads in the South, Sanctuary Cove in the North and Tambourine Mountains in the West ONLY.

BRISBANE TO BYRON AREA OF USE Rental Vehicles ARE to be driven within THE Boundaries of Byron Bay in the South, Brisbane City in the North and Tambourine Mountains in the West ONLY. Charges Apply.

SUNSHINE COAST TO BYRON AREA OF USE Rental Vehicles ARE to be driven within THE Boundaries of Byron Bay in the South, Noosa Heads in the North and Tambourine Mountains in the West ONLY. Charges Apply.

Extended area of use is available as specified above. Such Request must be stated and approved before commencement of hire and subject to individual quotation and charges as are applicable. Use of vehicle outside specified Boundaries as stated will attract Penalties as stated on the Face of the Rental Agreement.


ONE Rental Day is 24 hours from time of commencement of the rental. Extra hours are charged at 1/3rd of the Daily Rate up to 3 hours after which time the full Daily Rate applies. Any intention of late returns must be notified to our office giving sufficient notice of at least 24 Hours prior to RETURN TIME as stated on the Rental Agreement. There is NO REFUND for early returns. Should a Hirer not return the Vehicle at the Specified Time and Date to the Location as specified on the Rental Agreement, and this action of the Hirer results in the Loss of a Booked Rental, then the Hirer will be responsible and liable for the FULL AMOUNT of that Booked Rental which will automatically be irrevocably charged to the Hirers’ Credit Card.

DRIVERS – Ages 25 Years to 69 Years

All Drivers must hold a Current Driving License. We accept International and Overseas Licenses too. Rates shown on our Web Site are for drivers between the ages of 25 and 69 years.

DRIVERS – Ages 69 Years to 79 Years

For Drivers aged between 69 and 79 years of age, an additional charge of $ 8.80 per day applies.

Liabilities for drivers aged between 69 and 79 years of age can be seen in our Terms and Conditions Page of this Web Site.

DRIVERS – Ages 21 Years to 24 Years

For Drivers aged between 21 and 24 years of age, an additional charge of $ 8.80 per day applies.

Liabilities for drivers aged between 21 and 24 years of age can be seen in our Terms and Conditions Page of this Web Site.

DRIVERS – Probationary and Ages 21 Years and Under

Hirers who are on Probationary Licenses and Drivers under 21 years of age are accepted. Charges, however, do apply as does Liability Conditions as may be seen on the Terms and Conditions Page of this Web Site.


However, We are now able to provide New Cars with extras such as CD players, icy cold Air Conditioning and Air Bags in automatic comfort at a comparatively lower rate. However, if you hire an older vehicle, please do not be under the misapprehension that you can claim the older car does not suit you and therefore you require the New Car at the same rate. What you pay for is what you will get and any upgrade will cost you the full upgrade charges


24 hour roadside assistance with RACQ is included with all our rentals. HOWEVER, Please Note that HUMAN ERROR Call Out incurs a $55 Service Fee. For example, Keys Locked in Car, Run Out of Fuel or Lights Left On and battery becoming flat.


We request our customers to return fuel to the original starting level at the commencement of the rental. We do not have fuelling facilities on site.  Lesser Fuel attracts charges as per Clause 4.1(c) of the Rental Agreement.


We provide complementary Street Directories with all our vehicles. Non-return incurs $ 40 replacement fee.


All Traffic Infringements and Fines are the SOLE responsibility of the Hirer. Infringements processed by Surfers Paradise Car Hire will incur an $ 110.00 ADMINISTRATION FEE. All fines can and will be traced back to the hirer. Other charges, including Statutory Authorities like State Penalty Enforcement Registry (SPER) Fees and Charges relating to fines will also be the responsibility of the hirer.


ONE Baby or Booster Seat is available FREE OF CHARGE (SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY). If no Baby and/or Booster Seat are available, Seats may be hired for you at a cost of $ 3.30 Per Day or as charged by Messrs. Holiday Hire who is our Suppliers of Children’s Products. Extra Baby or Booster Seats are charged at $ 3.30 per day Per Seat. It is advisable to pre-book Baby/Booster Seats.


Upon Arrival and Collection of your luggage, Please stand by the Luggage Carousel of your Flight and you will see the Coach Driver standing nearby with a Name Board which will have your Surname on it. Please approach the Coach driver and identify yourself and leave the rest in the Coach Drivers care.


All AIRPORT Flights: Various Modes of Pick Up and Drop Off are available for our Customers. However, Certain Basics do apply.

Free and/or Paid Pick-up and Drop off services are subject to availability and include a MAXIMUM of 4 persons with reasonable luggage. ‘Reasonable luggage’ being no more than can be safely stored within the vehicles ‘boot’ area. At NO time will our company or its staff allow luggage or its contents to be transported on the roof of or within the cabin area of a hire vehicle.

Additional services can be purchased or arranged by the Hirer, at the Hirers’ own expense, to transport any excess persons or luggage that can not either be safely transported or stored as outlined above.

In all instances the inability to transport the Hirer’s excess baggage as outlined above will not constitute grounds for cancellation of the Vehicle Hire and the original Booking and/or Rental Agreement shall stand. Should the hirer fail to collect the hire vehicle, then the total amount shall be charged and the allotted hire time shall begin at the time noted within the booking form. The hire period shall end at the time and date shown within the original booking form irrespective of the date and time of actual collection. Should the hirer fail to return the vehicle at the original return time and date additional rental charges will apply.


More than 7 days       –        A Cancellation Fee equivalent to a Two (2) Day Rental Fee;
Within 7 days of hire   -        A Cancellation Fee equivalent to a Three (3) Day Rental Fee;
Less than 24hours      -        A Cancellation Fee equivalent to a Half the Cost of the Rental;
No Show At All           -        Up to and not excluding the full cost of the Rental.



Any Booking that has been confirmed, and requires an original reservation to be changed, altered or amended will incur a Renewal Fee of $11 for each Amendment.



All communications to the Company MUST be made in writing, including requests for any Documentation, or disagreements whatsoever. Verbal Requests and/or Phone Calls will not be accepted as any form of communication and Hirers are informed that this rule will be enforced.



With any Booking that has either been requested or confirmed, whether from any part of Australia or the rest of the world, it is imperative that the Hirer informs this Office all Details about their Arrival and Departure Times in Local Queensland or Australian Eastern Standard Times (AEST) ONLY as all services provided by this Company is based on Local Times ONLY.


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